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To be the leaders in soft-closing gate systems delivering safety, quality, and longevity to the industry. 
Our vision is to stimulate, develop and educate on the benefits of soft closing gate technology with the future view that all access gates are both self-closing and soft-closing. 


For over a decade, Glass Hardware Australia has been designing, innovating and manufacturing Soft-Closing gate and fencing hardware. The jewel in our crown is the Polaris Soft Close Gate Systems used on glass and metal gates. As world leaders and experts in the technology, we are happy to share that there are over 214,000 Polaris Soft Close gate systems installed worldwide.

Developed by Glass Hardware Australia, Polaris Hinges are a unique self-closing hinge designed for use on all outdoor & indoor frameless glass applications. Polaris Hinges exceed the tough requirements of frameless glass pool fencing standards in Australia.

As a glass pool fence hinge, it is the safest and most reliable hinge in the industry complying with the stringent Australian Standards AS1926 and AS 2820.

  • 1987 - Michael Stuart (Founder and CEO) commences his career in the Building and Construction.
  • 1991 - Michael commences a glazing apprenticeship with Palmers Glass in Sydney honing skills in all aspects of Glass processing and Glazing applications.
  • 1996 - Michaels installs his 1st Frameless Shower Screen with the new emergence the frameless glass hardware technology into the Australian market.
  • 1997 - Michaels installs his 1st Frameless Pool Fence and Self Closing Gate. In this early stage, glass gates were installed using modified spring hinges adapted for glass and “in-ground” hydraulic Floor Closers unsuitable for exterior applications. Options were limited and not fit for purpose.
  • 2001 - Frameless Glass Spigots for pool fencing and balustrading appears in the Aussie market. Michael installs spigots for the 1st time. Spigot at this stage were over $300 each!
  • 2003 - Michael commences his own business Glass FX Frameless Glass specifically Specializing in Frameless Glass Installations such as pool fencing, shower screens, splashbacks and balustrades.
  • 2006 - After installing hundreds of frameless pool gates with what limited hardware was available on the Australian market, Michael recognizes the need for a safe, easy to install, fit for purpose, soft-closing hinge for pool gates and the newly invented “MAGNA-HINGE” is born. The world’s first Soft-Closing, Self-Closing Glass Hinge specifically designed for Outdoor Use.
  • 2007 - MAGNA-HINGE International Patents registered.
  • 2008 - NATA accredited compliance testing completed for the MAGNA-HINGE. Unknowingly at the time, this was the first time any Australian manufacturer that undertaken independent compliance testing for pool gate hardware.
  • 2009 - Between 2003 and 2009 Glass FX Frameless Glass had intensively and rigorously field tested the “MAGNA-HINGE” with over 1000’s frameless pool fence jobs installed providing the platform for the Emergence of Glass Hardware Australia Pty Ltd.
  • 2009 - Glass Hardware Australia Pty Ltd business was established by CEO and product inventor Michael Stuart. This new business allows Michael to dedicate his focus and undivided attention to the new Soft-Closing Gate technology.
  • 2010 - MAGNA-HINGE is entered and won the Australian International Design Award.
  • 2011 - MAGNA-HINGE is re-branded to Polaris Soft Close Hinges with this initial model being re-badged as the “110 Series” Polaris Hinges.
  • 2011 - Glass Hardware Australia manufacturers the first version of a frameless glass pool gate latch with magnetic side pull to compliment the newly created Polaris 110 Series Hinges.
  • 2014 - Polaris 120 Series Hinges is created. This revolutionary new version radically improved upon the early soft-closing technology with advancements in every aspect of the hinge including spring design and damper technology. However, most noticeable was the new and distinctive Polaris design and shape of the hinge. The newly styled, innovative aesthetics of the 120 Series was a direct result of improving the overall function.
  • 2014 - Polaris Polymer Hinge for light weight metal and aluminium gates is created. Seeing the need for a soft closing variant for aluminium and metal pool gates, the Polaris Polymer hinge is born. This is the first time a genuine “soft-closing” option has been available for aluminium pool gates world-wide.
  • 2014 - Glass Hardware Australia enters USA and European Market utilizing distributors, third part logistic warehouses and direct export.
  • 2014 - Full Time Sales representative appointed for Polaris Soft Close Hinges for USA.
  • 2015 - 120 Series Polaris Soft Close Hinges International patents registered.
  • 2016 - 130 Series RETROFIT Polaris Soft Close Hinge created – Seeing an escalating and unresolved issues with competitors hydraulic pool gate hinges Glass Hardware Australia creates the 130 series to RETROFIT into the competitors glass cut outs. Effectively giving homeowners an economical way to fix non-functioning gates without the need for costly glass replacement.
  • 2016 - 120 Series Polaris Hinge is awarded the Good Design Award
  • 2017 - Polaris Spigot and Channel Grout is launched in 20kg buckets. Polaris recognizes the need for a high-quality smooth consistency, rapid setting grout for glazing applications. Product made to Polaris specifications in Australia under an ISO9001 manufacturer.
  • 2019 - 100,000 Pairs of Polaris Soft Close Hinges now installed and functioning all over the world. Our hinges have been supplied into Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Middle East, Japan, Korea, South Africa, South America.
  • 2020 - 125 Series Polaris Soft Close Hinge created = Internationally Patents registered and Australian pool compliance Certification completed. This improvement on the already popular 120 series now integrates a “Quik-Adjust” ratchet speed adjustment and interchangeable dampers. Spring design is further improved as is grip on glass, producing the most robust Polaris hinge to date. Tested to over 500,000 cycles!
  • 2021 - 155 Series RETROFIT Polaris Soft Close Hinge is created and internationally patented. With an estimated 1 million spring hinges operated glass gates installed in Australia, it had become apparent to Glass Hardware Australia the market demand for a Polaris Soft Close product to RETROFIT directly into their existing 8mm and 10mm gates, doing away with uncontrolled, slamming spring hinge. The 155 Series design allows quick and economically RETROFIT to Polaris Soft Closing hinges without the need for any glass replacement.
  • OCT 2021 - The new flagship of Polaris Hinges, 125 series, achieves 1,000,000 latching cycles in testing. A feat unparalleled in glass pool gate hinges.

Glass Hardware Australia’s ethos is to bring the highest quality products and services
 to the gate fence and gate market. Through genuine invention, innovative & continued improvement, you can rest assured that our products are strengthened by worldwide patents covering our unique Self Closing, Soft Closing gate technology. 

The truth is that our customers benefit most from the strength of our patents. This can assist us in preventing competitors from simply copying our products and flooding the market with “knock-offs” or products that are essentially identical in appearance but hugely inferior in function, safety and longevity. Always demand genuine Polaris Soft Closing Gate Systems. If it’s not Polaris…. It’s not Soft Close.


In 2010 & 2016 the Polaris Soft Close Hinge was awarded a prestigious Australian International Design Mark™ Award

Presented by Standards Australia, the Australian International Design Awards is Australia’s premier design assessment program. Products were judged for their innovation, visual and emotional appeal, functionality, quality of manufacturing,
usability (ergonomics and safety) and environmental sustainability.


Since the inception of the company Glass Hardware Australia has recognised the lack of existing industry support with regards to servicing and retrofitting existing installed gates. Figures show that up to 30% of all self-closing gates do function as intended and require maintenance or complete replacement. More often than not once a gate is installed no additional support is extended whether that be replacement parts, servicing or simply information on how to maintain the product. 

Polaris has developed an entire range of RETROFIT PRODUCTS to utilise into existing competitors’ hardware. This not only provides support to the homeowner but eliminates the need for gate replacement and associated labour costs. Contact Polaris technical for more information

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