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So, how are Polaris Hinges tested? Polaris Hinges goes through multiple stages of testing, starting at new concept testing, then in-house testing in our R&D department, where we work out improvements required to have the safest product available. We like to test to 75,000 soft-close cycles without adjustment, and once we’ve achieved that rating, we get official, NATA-approved, Australian standard test ratings. Now keep in mind that the Australian standard requires only 25,000 cycles, we do three times as many. Once we pass all requirements, our product is ready to release to the market. 
In 2022 Polaris Soft Close Hinges exceeded 1 Million Cycles with our own in-house testing. In 2023 we have surpassed 1.5 Million Cycles. 

Polaris hinges have been developed for the Harsh Australian environment to be used as safety hinges on pool fencing and we now have over 240,000 pairs installed so we’ve got a pretty good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. There are imitation products coming onto the market but buyer beware these products are new and the testing isn’t known. Polaris Soft Close Hinges are an Australian invention developed by an installer backed by years of certified testing. No other hinge has the 2010 or 2016 Good Design Awards and this many patents. Make sure when you’re thinking about your next hinge installation you ask for Polaris. 

The gate is so important because little kids are curious and they don’t appreciate the danger posed by the backyard pool. It’s the entrance to the pool area and it’s something that little kids understand. So if the gate has a problem closing or latching, small kids will try to open the gate because this is the way into the pool. So it’s imperative that the gate functions correctly every time. 

Make sure that when you’re getting a new pool fence or a new gate put in, let your installer know that you’ve done your research and you only want a Polaris Hinging System. Polaris is a quality product that we stand behind. If there’s a problem, we will supply customer service and we are accountable for our products. With the best warranty and after-sales support, you can be confident in your purchase of Polaris Hinges. 

Polaris Soft Close Hinges are not only pool fence hinges, they can be used for many applications. Pet and child gates to stairs or other dangerous areas around the house, pedestrian gates on terraces or in offices, changing room doors, childcare and day-care premises, resort swimming pool gates and any application that requires soft, secure closing on a glass gate. 
Our newest innovation the 156 Surface Mount Hinge can be used for frameless glass gates, framed glass gates, metal gates, aluminium gates, Colorbond gates, timber gates, vinyl gates, a wide variety of gate and fence applications.

When it comes to your pool, nothing is more important than the childproof fence and gate. It’s there to save lives. In this short video, I’m going to tell you everything that you need to know about the most important component of your pool gate, the hinges. Take the classic spring hinge. Whilst this type of hinge is common in Australia, it’s a system that isn’t durable. The spring hinge does little to control gate slamming. This is not only bad news for little fingers, but it also means that the whole fence and gate system is subjected to daily punishment. This means your gate latch is more susceptible to failure. 
The Australian market has been flooded with cheap imports, making it almost impossible to decipher which parts have been used and whether they’ve been tested correctly to Australian standards which are among the highest standards in the world. While these hinges are cheaper and therefore more attractive to fence installers, it’s the homeowner who will ultimately be affected by the use of a spring hinge product with less warranty. But, thankfully, there is a better choice. The award-winning Polaris Soft Close Hinge, designed and tested in Australia to Australian standards. The soft close function eliminates violent slamming. This puts less strain on the gate system and in turn increases the longevity and safety of the gate and fence. 

The Polaris Soft Close Hinge comes installed with more pre-tension than the spring system, giving it a more definite close every time, as well as being gentler on little fingers. Visit our website to find out how Polaris Soft Close Hinge can improve the safety and function of your pool fence. 

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